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Trying to decide whether to buy a 2nd Eglu or a go for my WIR (yet to be bought!!).

Have virtually decided to put them both INSIDE the run.


As far as I can see the main difference is the Go doesn't have an egg port - which makes it slight less convenient ?


I assume the roosting bars are removable - can the nest box be moved to the back quarter (so more easily reached by removing back but without having to slide out tray plus bars).


Also, delivery on Go is £4.99 but £20 for eglu - any idea why such a difference ??



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No, I'm pretty sure you can't flip the roosting bars of the Go so that the nesting area is in the back. There's a ridge in the back that wouldn't allow it to slide in and even if it did, the back door of the unit wouldn't fit on right then. The trays do have a handle in the back so you can pull them out and bring the front out to you to reach the nesting area. Fortunately, I have long arms so it's not a big problem! The shipping is probably cheaper because the Go is less rounded and has more flat panels that can be compactly placed in a shipping box. That is why it is the only kind we can get in the States. We are too spread out for a courier-style service like you have over there. They tried shipping by passenger bus for a while, but the costs were high and people got mad about the inconvenience of having to drive to the bus station to pick it up on top of paying for shipping.

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If cost is not an issue, i would choose the Classic. I have both, and much prefer it to the Go.


You can't move the nest box to the back of the Go, and I really miss the egg port. The Classic is also much better quality, and I find it easier to clean than the Go.


I imagine the difference in delivery cost is because the Go comes as a flat pack, is much less bulky and feels lighter than the Classic.

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Same here. Classic every day of the week.

I have a Classic, a Go and a Cube, and think the Go is very much inferior and not worth the price saving.

The biggest problem with the go, is that it's not robust like a Classic. The coloured panels seem to be very brittle and crack and craze very easily. I'm almost surprised that Omlet put their name to it!

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My Go panels have cracked twice (the top panel) and another Go I regularly clean out is cracked on the top and at the bottom of one of the side panels.

To be fair Omlet were really good at the start and sent me a replacement panel but the colour change is massive from the faded red to the new red panel, thats only in a couple years too.



The Classic (or even a Rablu which I much prefer for broodies and chicks) would get my vote any day, both are fantastic :D

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