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This morehens disease again

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No way am I adding to the total chicken counter thread.........I'd be carted off by men in white coats......and probably for very good reason!....

I do plan to sell a fair few so all is not lost.....

Ok Redsunset. If you are hatching to sell then you are execused :lol:

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Hope everyone chooks are doing well? Not been on here for ages so have lost track of all the gossip! Been a very busy summer (can't call it summer as weather has been worst in years!!!!)

Small maternity ward just now as had quite a few baby chicks this summer, a mix of my own Heinz 57's and some pure breeds I hatched in incys.

Last lot appeared last week, as same Chook who hatched out on roadside verge did the same this year but came with 12 babies to the gates on Monday morning!! Didn't find her next and she takes them back there every night and back to gates in the am! Sadly lost two of them today as made the common rookie mistake of leaving water in metal dog bowls and two drowned.....could have kicked myself. Ordered two more 18 L drinkers tonight so won't make that mistake again when babies about.

One mum has started taking her five week old babies up a tree as no room now in the Ali baba pot she hatched them in....I leave them to it as mum knows best and weather finally a bit nicer this week.

Have spread almost four tons of gravel down by all the coops/shed so no more mud for me/them this winter.

Got nice chicken print wellies (not willies as my iPad used to write!) for my birthday and decided they are to posh to wear until my others have kicked the dust

And no Mars I am not doing chicken counter..........I know I have to many but the SAS would break first lol........... :whistle:

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Aw shucks nice to be missed if only for my batty chicken stories lol!

Off course I guessed you had ex batts gavclojack, what else and glad they are settling in, not without a drama or two as par the course for a new mum! :)

Thank you Cat Tails too. Will try and keep adding tales from the wilderness of bonnie Scotland and my yarns and mishaps from the coops :lol:

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Fab news mullethunter! New home for you and the chooks. No doubt we will have similar niggles over the coming winter months! After a disastrous summer I am dreading winter already and the oldies are off to bed by 8pm? The two cockerels are now breaking out the hamlet cigars seeing the amount of little chicks around and lying back....as only a bloke would do..... :roll:

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'Fraid not, this time it's posh birds, next time for ex caged. I like my coloured eggs and Skye is getting along in years and I miss my Sussex's - so another blue egg layer prob Cream Legbar, a Welsummer if poss for dark brown and a light and a speckled Sussex is the plan.

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Hello, am still busy with chook duties and hatching! Got two of the breed I wanted about 3 weeks ago (jubilee orpingtons plus a lavender!) so very happy! Did hatch lots of speckled Sussex plus a few buff orps and a couple of lavender araucanas.

Have lots of cross breed babies too this year and some are stunning as in all gold/barred but turquoise earlobes?


Hope to have all babies sorted/hardened off now before the winter kicks in. My wellsummer hatch......all boys! Will try and rehome a couple. Have lots of Heinz 57's and a couple look like Perkins with wee short legs bustling about.


And I started with six hybrids (3 hrs ago )and thought that was a lot!! Still have my original bluebelle........... :)

Hope everyone is doing well with their chooks :)

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