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Rats *yuck*

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Hi everyone,


I have had my lovely girls for nearly 2 years and have never had any problems with them *touches wood*. However, last week I noticed a little hole dug into the ground close to the wire near the actual coop- right up in the corner. At first I thought it was from them digging but when I moved the eglu it was clear that it was the end of a tunnel. I also noticed the edge of the food holder has been nibble. I can only assume rats. :x:silenced:


I dug it all over and replaced the chippings but the same thing was there again today! Once again, I have washed everything and replaced the chippings. I have been bringing the food in at night to try and discourage them.


My girls are on a kind of dug out flower bed of wood chippings next to a hedge.


What can I do to stop the little blighers?



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Get a cat. :wink: Preferably a young, active one! We had mice and rats before the chickens because my old cat would occasionally catch one. After the cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and became less active, we got the chickens and I think the mice were even more attracted to our yard. Although I never saw signs of chewing around the Eglu, a couple did get in the house when the door was open. We caught them in a trap. The old cat eventually died and we got kittens. One is an avid mouser and caught five. I think they avoid our yard now! :lol:


I bring the food in at night now because of the slugs getting in the feed. The chickens didn't like to eat the slimey food.

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we have had mice lately ! 6 years and they turn up now . all the cats in the street are terrified of the hens especially the ones that tried to bag one for dinner and avoid the garden like the plague so I think the mice must have moved here seeking asylum !!! take the food in at night and make sure all the stored food and grain is sealed up in containers , don't leave greens or grain lying in the run . they even chewed a hole in our hut to get in so check your store !!!! if you have a socket near the run you can get plug in rodent repellent things but they might drive rabbits etc nuts so if if you have any bunnies , hamsters etc ... that's why we couldn't use them ... good luck ...

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Argh I have just been struck by the same problem. Got a walk in run with gravel round the outside and soil/ chippings inside. How the blighters have dug through the gravel I don't know but I can see the spot they have done it. And I can't get to it as it is against the fence....have tried putting bricks over the filled-up holes on the inside of the run but would (in piggy backing this thread) welcome any ideas. Shudder.

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