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As you may know, we are probably getting one of these WIRs



I am assuming that I will need some rain proof tarpaulings down the sides?

I was imagining they would roll up when weather was fine and be down when heavy rain/snow expected.

My OH is concerned that these will not look nice and/or be a nuisance to raise/lower.

Our Eglu run covers are a bit of a mess as they evolved over time - I'd like to plan this run and get it right.


I thought I saw a nice photo of this sort of arrangement somewhere on here, but I can't find it - can anyone help ?


Does anyone have a WIR without any side covers ? Is it a problem ? (We intend to have aubiose on the floor).


Any hints/tips ? Anything you would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight ?


Thanks (as always), H

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Hello, Hazel.


I have clear tarps on two sides, to protect from the prevailing weather, and one on top. It helps if you measure your tarps properly so they fit snugly with no flappy ends when it is windy/they stretch neatly (my error on one side!). I bought from Tarps Uk about 18 months ago but probably best to shop around. You can roll them up quite neatly as you suggest but it helps to have one person each end if you really need to keep it very neat. I like hen keeping, OH likes a tidyish garden so I try to meet him half way.


I use Omlet bungees when I am extending the tarps along the sides as they give the closest fit and stop the tarp flapping, but I have other bungees from Tarps Uk to do the rolling up fixing thing as they are longer length. They take two ticks to wash down on a dry, sunny day ... they tend to get a bit scummy with the weather over the winter?


I would not be without them, though, and on a windy, rainy day, I am sure they make a significant difference to life in the WIR, which is on bare earth and woodchip. I love the Omlet WIR but I do really like the look of the one you are having!


Good luck.

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I had glass clear tarps which rolled up neatly and looked great - to begin with :? (you may have seen my photos, they're still in my signature link). Once they got dusty they didn't look so nice and after a few fierce storms, quite a few of them got ripped. They were also a bit of a pain to roll up and down. I gave up on them and bought acrylic sheets from Trent Plastics which look so much better and are easier to take down and clean. It's more expensive but long term will be better value.

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