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Broadlands - AKA Broadchurch

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OH has suggested we go out to the cinema tonight. :shock::shock:


I've suggested we go tomorrow instead :lol:

:lol: This is a must watch event in our house too. Pizza will be ordered in . . .I'm certainly not missing any re-cap at the start while cleaning dishes, as I'll need all the help I can get in tying the various clues together :oops: Here's hoping that

a) it is an exciting end

b) it is all well explained - Agatha Christie stlye :wink:

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And to think that when it started I nearly decided not to watch it on the basis it was on for 8 weeks and thought I'd loose interest or miss episodes :shock::shock: how wrong can you be


Don't tell my husband I said these words...I admit it I was wrong

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Am glad it's coming back. I wonder if Ellie will be in the next series?


I'd guessed it was Joe, but was surprised that they hit us with his identity so early in the episode.


Clever to throw so many red herrings into the plot. It certainly had everyone talking.

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I have just finished watching it :cry: I guessed correctly, but not the reason why. I really felt for Ellie. I can't see how they will do another series with the same name though. I did feel the episode did drag out a bit, but I think they did that to get the emotion across. All in all a really good series that kept my interest all the way through.

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