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A most unusual cat....1 year on.

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My new kitten Nemo, who is about 15 weeks old now,is unlike any other cat I have ever owned.


He LOVES water,to the point of not leaving me along when I am in the bath :roll:

He is fascinated by the Hoover,& follows me around when I am using it,to the point where he gets trodden on.

He isn't afraid of anything really,& runs to meet life head on!

He is also learning commands & sits when told.


This is a photo I took a few days ago.

I was in the bath,enjoying my book, when I felt a presence.

I lowered my book slowly,to find this, complete with dunked tail :lol:



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Such a cutie! What a wonderful expression on his face.


Our old cat liked to keep people company if they were having a bath - apparently he extended this to people in other houses as well :oops: Frightened the life out of one of our neighbours apparently, when her bathroom door suddenly opened late one night (she lives on her own!) and Max hopped up on the side of the bath, and settled down for a snooze by her head :lol:

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He's so gorgeous Cinnamon :D

Sounds like he's developing into quite a little character.


One of my girls has always loved water and jumped in the bath with me on a couple of occasions when she was a kit. Gave me quite a shock! She still likes to roll about in the still wet bath when the water has run out. Quite naughty as it takes a good clean to get rid of the paw prints & fur :shameonu:


Another cat we used to have was obsessed with the hoover. She used to follow me around and flop down so I would hoover her belly- on low suction obviously! She was a bomb proof rescue cat and had no fear of anything.


However, both these qualities in one small boy is quite something and the fact that he's trainable...!


More pictures please :D

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Pah. he's just doing what cats do, learning all the strange ways of the hairless numpty he owns.

(Well perhaps not completely hairless, but near enough)

When he has assimilated all the behavioral knowledge of this upright pushover, he will use it against you

for the rest of his life. he is the Earth equivalent of the Borg :lol:

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What a beautiful kitten - such a cutie. I love ginger cats and they do tend to have BIG personalities!! :lol:


He sounds like he will be great fun :dance:


He is such a cutie.


We have a 20 month old ginger boy and both hubby and I agree that he's got a brilliant character, very inquisitive and cuddly - when he wants to be! We have his tortie sister too and whilst she's not so nosey she does like to 'chat' to us. :D

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Just thought I would update this old thread, as it is Nemo's first birthday today :P

He is still a totally unique character, who acts before he thinks, dives straight in & is dreadfully clumsy for a cat...he is forever falling off of & out of things :roll:

He still loves the Hoover & sits watching the water when I am in the bath!

He is also terribly naughty & loves other animals,especially the dog.





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