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so excited

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I am picking up GNRGNRGNR ex batts tomorrow. I have my (green eglu) and run all set up with woodchip floor over bare earth. I haven't had time to put together the walk in run to go with it but figure they will need a little while to get used to their new surroundings anyway.

Very excited as I've waited ages to get them but a little anxious about looking after them. I've got all the right stuff for them as recommended by BHWT so hopefully they'll be ok!

Suer I'll be back on here soon with queries and questions. Eeak!

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:dance: Today's the day :D Hope the weather's better wherever you are 'cos it's horrible here :?


Good on you for rescuing some Batties :clap: We got our 3, Holly, Ivy and Eve, just before Christmas :D They're wonderful girls...so full of character :D


If you haven't already done so, why not join the Ex Battery Hens Forum? It's a fantastic Forum with some really lovely Members :angel:


Look forward to hearing more about your girls and hopefully seeing some pics :wink:

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Hi, thanks for your replies,

All went well today. The weather was awful this morning but did brighten up a little for collection and when we got the girls home. I think the girls are ok, they are a little bare in places and one of their behinds looks a little red but not bleeding.

After I got them home I put them in the eglu and left the door open. They took ages to come out but all three did just before time to put them to bed! When I checked the eglu there was an !egg! in the nest which was a surprise, wasn't expecting any for a few days until they got over the shock. Guess she was just waiting until she had a nice place to lay! I'm so pleased I got them :D . Now I have to build the WIR!

I'm so worried :? about them now being o.k overnight, expect I'll be up before dawn waiting to let them out!


Cheeky chooky, how are your girls getting on? how long does it take for their feathers to grow back?



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Our girls are wonderful :D They were very well feathered, which we were relieved about as it was the middle of December :? but new feathers started growing after only a few weeks where they were needed. Holly and Eve's combs are now upright but Ivy's is still at a bit of a jaunty angle :lol: It took them no time at all to adjust to their new life :D


How are your girls this morning? :angel:

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Girls are doing well, came out the eglu almost straight away when I opened up this morning and had another egg at lunch time :D . They do look a little cold and keep popping back inside to warm up! I still think they are a little confused about where they are!

CC - saw your pics of your ex batts at Christmas, they look great (and lovely names!), mine are a little bit bedraggled in comparison, I can't wait for them to flourish! I noticed the skirt on your WIR faces inside rather than out, I am going to put mine together over Easter as wont have the time before, is that how it says to do it or your choice? Looks really neat with the linkaboard. :)

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Was getting a bit stressed tonight as they wouldn't go to bed, so came inside to try and get some advice on here, but when I went back outside they were all in the eglu so just had to close the door! - clever chickens.

I've been beaming all weekend, not looking forward to work tomorrow, I want to check on them all the time. I spent about an hour today sitting in the rain watching them!

Good to know about the WIR.

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