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Bantams in South West

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Hi all,


I was actaully a member on here years ago but I couldn't remember my password and I no longer have access to the email address I used to sign up with - so I've had to create a new account!!


But its nice to be back anyway! I've recently decided to get some chickens again and am looking to get a mixture (4 birds)of either pekins/sebrights/sablepoots/silkies/araucana bantams. Last time I had chickens I bought them from wernlas in a long round trip - I've since learnt they have sold all their stock off, so can anyone advise of a supplier of good quality birds? Preferably in the south west (near Bristol) but I would potentially travel if there was a decent choice of the above birds!


Also, if anyone has an eglu and run for sale in my area then please let know! I'm desperate to get chooks again asap - as is my 2 year old son!

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Nibley bird farm is good(got a couple of hybrids from them before). Theres also fosters (Ok)and bristol poultry ( which i think has just started up) .Unfortunatly there isn't many places round here that sell chickens :(:(:(


Nibley bird farm www.nibleybirdfarm.co.uk/

Fosters Poultry http://www.fosterschickens.co.uk/

Bristol Poultry http://bristolpoultry.co.uk/

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