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Just gone up to shut the girls up in their inner run and just found Snowdrop dead in the outer run. Hubby said she was OK when he went up the garden just before tea, just lying down with the other 2 girls - but she was dead less than an hour later.......when I picked her up her legs are just tucked under her like she's still lying there - no signs of struggle/kicking etc. Must have been very quick - instant probably...... Can chickens die of heart attacks? She'd also laid an egg earlier today. Had actually wondered if she was OK as her bum was a little bit mucky, and her comb slightly paler than normal, but she'd been laying most days without fail. There was also one slightly non-normal poo in the outer run, but no more....... Any ideas, folks? So Ginger, my beautiful matriarch is now nearly 6 and I am going to have to start looking for a new girl or 2! Generation 4!!!! :(:(:(

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Yes, chickens can indeed die of a heart attack!! :( I think this is what happen to my Milly a few weeks ago. She was such a bad tempered madam to the last and had just been broody!!! A day out of the anti-broody coop and she died during the night! But actually I'm glad she died with her pals even if it was a shock for me! :( I have had 2 previously PTS at the vets and that is just distressing all round! :(


RIP Snowdrop

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