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5:2 Fast Diet

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I ate a stupid amount over the weekend. My only excuse was it was hot and sunny so we took a picnic, which was full of goodies, down to the beach. Then the family appeared for food in the evening and I cooked sausages, burgers etc. Of course I had to eat them too and the leftover food :oops:

However today is fast day and the only food I've eaten so far is raspberries :)

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I dropped just below 11st today for the first time in a couple of years, it is nice feeling having clothes that fit, my goal is also around 10 st.


I have been doing more of the 8 hour diet because it seems to fit into my life more easily. I am tending to eat between about 2pm and 10 pm which suits me, because we are tending to go to the allotment after work so don't eat until gone 9pm. I have largely been eating healthily during my 8 hours, getting in most of my super foods.


It is slower progress than 5:2 but I just seem to find it easier.

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Well done :D . We'll have lost a whole person between us all soon :lol: .


I have just edged under 10 stone :dance: . Don't imagine I'll stay there but it's a nice feeling 8) .


I'm now wondering how to get rid of the jelly belly :think: . Someone on the 5:2 forum mentioned Callanetics - anyone tried it? Not sure I have the willpower to do exercises daily but I'll give it a go if it works!

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I wanted to recommend Itsu Seaweed Thins to anyone on the 5:2.

They are only 30 calories a pack,have bags of flavour, & really sort me out when I have the savoury munchies!

I get them from Waitrose, they are with the sandwiches...they sometimes have a Wasabi flavour too.

Gorgeous things :D



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