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De-pluming mites - advice please

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I think I posted this in the wrong forum by mistake so apologies if anyone sees this twice:


I've tried absolutely everything I can think of for one girl who has a completely bald neck. She seems a bit skinny, but is otherwise well, eating, laying and mixing happily with the other girls. They are regularly wormed with Flubenvet and dusted with total mite-kill powder as precautionary measures.

There has previously been some feather-pecking going on but no evidence now and just in case, I've tried 2 different anti-pecking sprays and purple septi-cleanse on Fried's neck.

They have a fair sized fenced off area where they live on wood chippings which we change approx every six months but I'd like to give them a nice soft dustbath. Having spoken to one of the advisors at Omlet today about the ratio of compost / sharp sand / Diatomaceous Earth to put in it, we got talking about my 'naked neck' and the advisor thinks it sounds like plumage mite. Apparently total mite kill powder isn't strong enough to kill the little blighters and I've been advised to use Nippon ant killer powder on her. Has anybody else tried this and if so, how often do you use it?


Also what about egg withdrawal?


And one more thing - I was planning on getting two more girls at the weekend. We were planning on having then within sight but not contact of te existing 'flock' but is even that off - and how long until we can reconsider?


Any other suggestions would be welcome too please...

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I had a featherless bottomed hen a few years ago. Have you tried 'Flowers of Sulphur'? It worked wonders for my bald chook. I diluted some in water and bathed her defeathered bottom in it, and then dried her and treated her skin with the flowers of sulphur mixed into a base cream. I reapplied the cream every few days. The skin really calmed down and she refeathered eventually. It is an old fashioned herbal remedy and it worked wonders. I got mine from ebay I think, but it is quite commonly used for horses, dogs etc. Worth a try and kinder than ant powder!!

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