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Stopped Laying

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Hi everyone,

We have had our 3 girls since July 2011 when we got them they were between 22 - 24 wks old. Recently all 3 have stopped laying our Black Rock Vera actually stopped laying about a year ago but Phyllis who is a Warren and Ethel who is a Bluebelle haven't laid any eggs for a few weeks.


Should I be worried or is this normal?


We wormed them 2 Flubenvet. They have layers mash and ACV in there water.


Am I doing something wrong?


Any tips or advice would be appreciated. :D

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Have they molted lately? Mine are about the same age and one of them stopped laying a couple of months ago after she molted. My cats went off their food for a while- I think they were catching wild game! I gave the chickens their leftovers and she started laying again! The cats' appetites came back so I didn't have much to give the hens and she stopped laying again. All I can figure is that her protein levels got too low after the molt so I'm going to try to work more meat into her diet.

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