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Can i introduce Chickens to Bantams?

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Hi, I successfully integrated two Pekin bantams into my flock of hybrids a couple of years ago and I thought

they were getting along fine. However, this week one of bigger hens turned on one of the bantams and pecked her

head till it was bleeding. Luckily it was at a time that I was at home and realised something was wrong.

I took the injured hen out, along with her sister,cleaned her wound and sprayed her with purple spray.


They are now living happily in a brand new eglu classic in the walk in run with my two ducks. I am so glad I was there to rescue her before things got too bad. I think she may have died if she had been left all afternoon.


I don't think I would put small bantams with larger hens again because if things go wrong they are very vulnerable. Also I am very fond of the little cuties.

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Aww poor bantam! Thank you for the advice whitewestie it is very helpful. My 2 bantams are quite large so i think they would be okay with chickens. i was wondering if there's a certain type of chicken that is more calm and friendly than others, but i am still pondering wether its a good idea.



(orange eglu)

Bonnie the buff Sussex bantam

Margo(t) the light Sussex bantam (top chook!)

snowie R.I.P

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Yes, I've done this more than once, both ways round (bantams to chickens, chickens to mixed flock including bantams). When introducing the bantams, I kept them completely separate for a little while, with a separate house and run in the walk-in-run to get them used to each other. They eventually got used to each other and when the walls came down, there was very little aggro.


With the new hens, I put them in with a mixed group of bantams and hens at night, so they all woke up together. There was a little bit of mild argy-bargy as they sorted out the pecking order over the course of the next few days, but nothing serious and no bad pecking. I wouldn't recommend this, but I didn't have separate accommodation available at the time, and actually this worked pretty well, but was probably a result of the hens I chose being relatively submissive.


The bantams might be small, but they are feisty and one of my silkies wants to be top chicken, despite being half the size of the big girls.


I would recommend putting down extra pots of food, though - I use cage cups and provide about one cup per hen/bantam. This means that the new girls don't get intimidated away from the food as one hen can't police all the pots at the same time. I also don't let the new girls FR for a week or so, which means they are in the WIR all day, and that becomes their space, and they feel comfortable with it, and therefore are willing to stand their ground more. If you separate them in this way, the outdoor hens will need to have food and water put down for them while they can't get into the WIR.


I've got three large girls and five bantams in a happy flock together, ranging from a dinky little Pekin to a large legbar/marans cross.

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Thank you very much docsquid :D . It was very helpful. Where they POL chickens or younger? I got some advice to get 12 week old ones but, our bantams are quite big and I do not think the newbies will be able to stand up for themselves? :?


(orange eglu) with 2 meter run and a WIR.

GNR bonnie (buff sussex bantam)

(white chicken) Margot (light sussex bantam) Top chook

(white chicken) R.I.P snowie

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I have also successfully integrated my two bantums with my 5 bigger girls, there is the odd peck from the bigger girls and I think Clarabel my smallest baby is bottom of the pecking order but in general they all seem to get along quite happily. I think that having a large space helps with the harmony .

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