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Moving House Advice

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Hi everyone,


I am moving house soon, and need some help regarding transporting my 5 bantams to my new garden.


I am planning on using adapted cardboard boxes (with airholes), but I have a few questions..


1) How many bantams should I put in each box? Or is it best to have them separate?

2) When is the best time to gather them up in the boxes?

3) I will need to take the eglu go apart and then rebuild it securely at the new house - will my chickens be okay in boxes for about 3 hours? Will they need food/water?



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When mine go to my mums for their holidays I used to transport them in cat boxes I take them up in the morning after they have a feed, they went up to hers at Easter and as I have had a case of 'more hens' I bought a dog crate from Argos all 7 fitted in quite nicely and it meant when at mums they could sit in the crate whilst we got their holiday home ready and told their cousins (mums girls) to be nice !


Im not 100% sure but they seem to enjoy the car radio on the journey :D

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Im pretty sure I got the medium one £39.99 (but it had a reduction when I bought it and much cheaper than our local pets at home )


Its fits nicely in my hubbys Honda accord estate and I have golf (normal size ok all the men are now laughing at that description it most probably is a hatchback :-) ) anyway it fits in the boot but I had to have the seats down. The crate comes with a mat which is a bit slippery but washable, without this its a plastic slide out tray so if you have an old blanket you can donate (never to have back) they will be happy and wont go slipping across the floor on any sharp bends. I think what swayed me to get mine was if I get any broodiness in the future this will act as my broody cage :-)


I had all 7 girls in mine but 2 are bantams so I class that as 6 (husband will not accept that 2 bantys = I chicken mind you if he knew 1 banty = 2x the cost when buying he would be even less amused )


Hope this helps

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Any thoughts on keeping them in the cardboard boxes overnight?


We're about to move and it turns out that the moving company is coming one day to pack everything up, then delivering the next day. This includes the Cube (and Eglu). I have 10 hens (largest is a Welsumer) and was planning to transport them in five well-ventilated cardboard boxes (we're moving about an hour's drive away)

As it happens, there's an old wooden hen house at our new house, so my first thought was move them in the afternoon to the new house, put up the electric fence and have them sleep in the existing house for the first night, but I'm now a bit worried at the thought of putting them in a strange house the first night in a new place, and, despite the electric fence, I'm not 100 per cent sure of how secure it is (although the people we're buying from had no problems). I just have a feeling I'd be outside watching over them all night!


I think I'm sort of coming round to the idea of sleeping them in the cardboard boxes in the new (human) house? Any thoughts?


(Then again, I could always buy a new Cube to fill with more hens later, but that might be a bit extravagant for one night!)

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Cardboard boxes with plenty of air holes, lined with straw...being in the dark keeps them calm :)


This is what I do when moving birds around if im going to auction they get boxed up at night and put in the back of the van as you have to leave early and don't want to be running around in the morning never had any problems yet leanne :)

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