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RIP - Polly - Egg Peritonitis

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4 weeks ago I took Polly to the vets as she had become very slow, lethargic and not eating much. Her crop was very full too. He gave her some antibiotics which I continued with for the next week and she seemed to perk up. However, over the weekend, she went back down hill and didn't even bother coming out of the hen house (that was a first!). We are lucky to have a vets in our village who know about chickens and are open on Sunday mornings. He diagnosed egg peritonitis. Her abdomen was very swollen and heart rate was racing, and had lost a lot of weight. She was just under 3 years old and had stopped laying about 9 months ago. We agreed it was time to say goodbye and I stayed with her while he put her to sleep - all very calm and quick.


We will really miss Polly as she was such a lovely friendly chicken, who would quite often happily sit next to me on the garden bench whilst I enjoyed a cup of tea. :)

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