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3 Orpingtons is a cube?

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There will be plenty of space.

I have LF Orpington and Brahma plus a hybrid in mine.

So far there isn't a problem with the nestbox even with a broody in it. She just waits for the eggs to be laid then scoops them under her.


I do turf broodys out though.

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Out of the 18 chickens I have, I normally have 15 sleeping in the cube together, even though I have two eglus, one of which is always empty. normally in the cube I have:


2 Buff Orps

1 Wyandotte

1 Marans

1 White Star

2 Bluebelles

2 Speckledys

3 Cream Legbars

2 Araucanas

1 Naked Neck


All of these are large fowl

(well white stars are small, but they aren't banties)

I try to separate them, but they won't have it. Admittedly they all free range all day, but the run on a cube would be plenty of space for 3 Orps. Most of my chickens also lay in the cube and it doesn't cause too much drama. There is space for two to lay peacefully, three if they aren't feeling "too sensitve"


Also, if you have three Orpingtons it is unlikely they would all be laying on the same day as they do not lay every day.

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But even if they did, there is plenty of room in the nestbox for at least 2 to lay at a time, in fact I've had 3 in there although admittedly they were the skinnier ones. Its one of the attractions of the cube :D I don't bother with the divider. My girls don't seem to need the privacy :roll:

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