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Happy Mrs Chicken

New girls not sleeping in eglu

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Hi everyone,got my 4 new hens 2 weeks ago and they had been living in an old wooden coop and run I use for introductions and they have been freeranging with my existing 2 hens.On Monday I put them all together in the omlet wir.When it was bedtime my existing 2 hens went into the (purple eglu),one of the new girls attemped to enter and was soon chased out.Since then none of the hens have attemped to enter.They all sleep huddled up together in the corner of the run squashed up against the weldmesh.I am worried that a fox might try and grab a wing while they are sleeping.I have branches in there but they prefer to sleep on the floor.With the wind and the rain today I really don't want them sleeping outside so not sure what to do any ideas anyone?

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It's not intended to hold 6, but an Eglu will hold six hens quite comfortably for sleeping purposes. I have found this with new hens - I let mine sleep out (in their secure WIR) where they roost on a plank, but if you're worried then the only thing to do is nip up the garden each night after dark, put them in the Eglu and close the door. They'll get the hang of it after a few nights I would guess ... personally, I can't be bothered! Could you put a branch or something in, which they might roost on to take them further away from the weldmesh?

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