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School Bees

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Earlier this year the school I work at offered a placement to a Biology University Graduate to undertake a feasability study on the possibility of keeping honey bees at the school. On Wednesday we met with the governors and presented the research. We have had an overwhelming response to the bee project and establishing a buzz club. The governors agreed and gave the go ahead for the project. Yay!!!!!! !bee!!bee!!bee!!bee!!bee!!bee!!bee!!bee!


Just sourcing equipment and have ordered two nucs for the beginning of June :D:D


Looking forward to training up five staff who are all very interested. Parents invovled then launch BUZZ CLUB. Exciting times ahead. :D:D

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What a great opportunity for the children - it sounds fun! It's really good that the parents are getting involved as well. Please keep us updated as to how this goes, I'm really interested to hear more about this.

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!bee!!bee! Two hives and two nucs in place on Sunday ready for the children returning from half term. They were so excited. The apiary can be seen by all children on their way to the dining hall behind ceiling to floor glass (with no windows). The hives face the glass so the children see the bees out bringing pollen back. Sunny days this week have got them off to a good start.


They have generated so many questions that I have put a stripy bee box outside my classroom for children to pop their questions in rather than disturb my teaching all throughthe day! It's wonderful! June and July are for staff training and for children to become accustomed to bees. However our Y4s who will be leaving us in July are so keen I may have to bend the plans and go ahead with Buzz Club just for them. I have an army of willing aprent helpers . . still a little unsure how I can manage to accomodate everyone!!!! Will post pictures when I finish report writing and have a breathing space. :D

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