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very mucky bottom

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Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice please.


One of my girls has a very dirty bottom and I can't figure out what's causing it. I gave her a bath just yesterday and by this morning it is just as bad as it was. It looks very wet and I've noticed her doing a couple of what looks like just water poos today, although she's done normal ones too.


I examined her yesterday and there's no sign of lice/mite eggs on the feather shafts and her skin looked fine, not even red. They were wormed with flubenvet about a month ago, she's still laying and doing chickeny things things and the others all seem fine.


Any thoughts/advice would be gratefully received, thanks :D

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Well I wish I had something more helpful to say really!!!! :( But my Florence was very ill and really I have no idea how she's pulled through :shock: She started with just the same symptoms a very mucky bottom and watery poos which were also a little mucusy. She just did a down hill nose dive. The vets treated her with antiobics, steriods, vitamins and we wormed her. Then as all hope was fading and so was she.....we tired one last 5 day course of oral baytril. She very slowly picked up. She is SO much better, but today I have figured out it's Florence who is laying soft shelled eggs!! :shock::( She is bearly recovered from whatever it was!!!


Just watch your hen and check her weight. I really hope it's something and nothing!!! :think: Keep us posted.

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