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Chicks ready to be independent? Long story!

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Hi, any advice gratefully received :)

I have a hen with 3 chicks, she sadly lost some chicks a few weeks ago but luckily a lovely lady gave me some chicks to replace them as she hatched the same breed, age etc. She mothered all of the apart of one, Muffin. She was attacking her and not having her at all. We've raised her in the house and she's doing really well. Now here is my dilemma, I want to put her back in the house/run with the other chicks and remove the mother but is this too harsh? Too early? They are almost 5 weeks. Any longer and I feel muffin may struggle with other chicks and be picked on, there are 3 chicks 2 Sablepoots and a boy croadlangshan, muffin is a croadlangshan girl. She's actually in the run as I write having a lovely time but Harry the mum is in the garden and not happy about leaving the chicks yet, but will she ever be? I can't leave muffin in the house forever!

It feels the right time, nice weather, warm enough for the chicks to not need the heat from her but I do feel guilty for making her separate from her babies.

Help! :?

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i would recommend leaving mum in as long as she wants to be there.

i've successfully merged two young flocks at 7/8 weeks after their mums have lost interest and intend to do so again with my current hatches: i don't think waiting a week or two more for your broody to lose interest in her chicks would cause problems in introducing your lone chick, especially if she's a good size croad.

good luck!

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