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Strictly 2013

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. Personally I don't think that you can be the stern miserable one on Dragons Den and make lots of money from it and still expect huge public support for something like this. I actually thought she was better than Patrick in the dance off but I guess he's been better generally.

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Who votes for the bad dancers that's what I want to know :?


I thought that it should have been Dave and Rachel too, she was awful and Dave was cringe worthy, not even funny. At least in the past the poor people have realised how bad they are, but Dave hasn't got a clue. He has to go this week or the programme isn't going to be worth watching. I really felt for Deborah.

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I think in every series there has been a shock exit at about this time. On It Takes Two last night Deborah said that even her Mum and Sister didn't vote for her as they thought she was safe in the middle of the table.


Oddly, I didn't vote for anyone on Saturday (I do the free voting on line so usually vote for everyone I like). I guess that there is a proper psychological reason for this 5th week apathy - you vote for the people you like initially and then maybe just assume that they will stay in?


I will definitely get back to voting again this week.


Just checked Wiki for eliminations around 4th/5th week


2012 Colin Salmon

2011 Lulu - (not my favourite but definitely better than some who went later)

2010 - Jimi Mistry

2009 - Rav Wilding

2008 - Jessie Wallace

2007 - Gaby Logan

2006 - D J Spoony


Theory doesn't quite hold up for the first 3 series but maybe the voting was different as the money was going to Children In Need then and you could vote all week

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Trouble is, is that it is not just a dancing competition. If it was, there would be no public vote (lets be honest, 99% of the general public know nothing about dancing, other than saying if we like a dance or not - the different steps etc go right over our heads). If it was all about dance, then the judges would have the only opinions that mattered. But that makes lousy TV!


Instead, it is also a popularity contest - if the public like you, you stay in regardless of your dancing ability - at least for the first 2/3rds of the competition. If the public don't like you or don't warm to you - you go.


Deborah did not have the fan base, Dave/Rachel etc do. Dancing has little to do with it.

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I hadn't watched this as last time I did, it really wound me up. I forgot that when I got embroiled by accident a couple of weeks ago - and it's winding me up again :lol:

Rachel's quickstep which got so criticised a couple of weeks ago was massively difficult and she did a reasonable job with some very challenging steps - but seemed to get no credit for that at all

Last night Abbey did a dance that wasn't difficult enough for a child's grade 1 exam (all holds and showing off), but got huge praise.

I guess I'm temperamentally unsuited to this stuff - I shall try not to watch tonight or I'll be the mad old bird shouting at the TV!

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I was shouting too, it was so sad to see Rachel go, last week I wouldn't have minded so much because her dance was poor, this week she did her best dance so far and performed it even better during the dance off. Abi also performed her dance better in the dance off, I suppose at least Rachel did herself proud and left on a high. She is obviously such a fan of Strictly and it was her dream come true. :(


If Dave doesn't go next week, I will stop watching. The only other people I could stand to go instead would be either Fiona or Mark, although Mark does have a natural rhythm and he is another great inspiration for the larger people out there as was Lisa last year. You can be large and still move well.


The popularity or lack of it is really starting to show, but I really don't know who is voting for Dave. :?

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That was so sad tonight. Rachel has gone at least 2 or 3 weeks earlier than she should. Dave should have gone out a long time ago with Fiona next then Rachel or Mark. Unbelievable!


Felt so sorry for Abby as she was so upset to be up against Rachel, it was quite touching. At least Rachel went out on a high.


I'm so fed up with Dave and the GBP!

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