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Small flies in my cube.

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Morning all,


Just been doing my weekly clean out and there seems to be loads of tiny flies crawling around on the poo trays.


Any ideas?


Also a few of my girls still have issues with bald patches above their tail feathers. I have wormed them, used stockholm tar, tried lice/mite powder. I give them apple cider vinegar one a month and they have veg and mixed corn regularly but they are still bald. The patches are red and look a bit sore.


I just dont get how some people keep their birds at show standard? I want mine to be like that but just dont have the knowledge. Would a bath help with some sort of lice/mite killing additive in?





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I know its not authorised for hens but I've used Frontline for cats (a drop on neck skin & one under each

wing)to rid of lice & things & its worked brilliantly, I've had this ok'd by a vet.

I would think good disinfect & dusting the trays with diatom or a little ant powder (permethrin) may help

keep the bugs away

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