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A queen question

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All was well in my hive until my marked queen disappeared two weeks ago :shock: She had been poorley mated last year and was not very big. I had considered replacing her but since the weather warmed up she has done a great job building up rapidly.


So without a queen I rang a friend. She knew of a lady who had a queen . . so I drove out to collect her. A very sad hive with a queen and about 20 attendants . . I brought them home and put them in my hive and waited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nothing??? Or at least I think no eggs.


Without eggs and the chance of a new queen I put in a frame of eggs from a friend. (Interesting thing is I couldn't see any eggs on the frame but my friend assured me there were day old standing up eggs. Failing eye sight????) I took a quick peek today and there are about 10 open queen cups with C shaped larvae floating in royal jelly.


So my question is . . as the hive is still very busy on one brood box and almost a full super . .will a queen hatch and tear down the other queen cell/kill the other queens or is there a chance they could swarm with one of them????

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