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Any Trekkies out there? Need costume ideas

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Help, please! A good friend has announced that her 50th birthday party later this year will have a Star Trek theme. I may have watched a couple of episodes in the 1970s - I think that's the sum total of my knowledge! My other friends and I want to support her as she's a good mate and has had a difficult year, but we have no idea of what to wear. Please bear in mind that we don't want to buy costumes, we're looking for something we can concoct at home (I'm handy with a sewing machine) and we are all of an age and shape where a polyester mini-dress is NOT an option! Apart from the crew uniforms, what other characters/themes are there?


As one of my friends said rather hopefully "isn't there an episode where they visit a planet inhabited by glamorous women in maxi dresses?" :lol:


Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Actually you have quite a lot of choice.


maxi dresses (of a sort) as shown here (from Mudd's Women)



In the episide "A piece of the Action" they went to a planet which was the same as USA Gangster era, so you could go in spats etc


I'm sure I've seen them dressed in togas for one episode, but can't remember which one.


If all else fails, pick a series (Original, Next Gen, etc) and then concentrate on doing your hair in an approprate style. The original series gives you oads of choice for styles for both long and short hair.

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I knew the forum would come to my rescue!


Thanks Spacechick and WitchHazel - some great ideas. I may need a signed statement from soapdragon about that 'missing' episode! Please keep the ideas coming, the 'hairstyle' one is particularly good. And I love those sparkly dresses ...

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I remember in the first season of TNG, Deanna Troi wore tight maxi dresses or outfits with palazzo type pants- and lots of cleavage, of course! Gene Roddenberry wanted her to be something of a sex symbol on the show. After he died, they put her in a regular uniform. Her mother, Lwaxana, always wore shiny, gaudy-colored, but conservative, flowing gowns.

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