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Calling all pekin experts!

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Okay heres my quandary. I'm pretty certain that I've been sold 2 cockerels instead of hens. One is crowing the other fights alot. The brown one has a red comb and crows, but the white ones comb is more pinkish, but is the same size. They are 7 weeks old. Both have fluffy tails, whereas the brown ones 'sister' does not. Although I have the suspicion of them being cockerels , I'm not 100% sure of the white one. What do you think? Sadly they both have to go if they are, I tried rehoming but no-one wants them :(

Lastly the brown one was supposed to be a millefluer (but is brown with a couple of black spots on its wing) and the white one is supposed to be a mottled but is predominately white. Is this normal colouring? I think the breeder has offloaded her 'duds' on us, knowing that we are newbies and not knowing any better :(





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Hi could you get some clearer pics as I think they are 2 boys and deffo if one is crowing did you buy them as sexed pullets and how long have you had them? and they don't look like the colours you have mentioned but it is hard to tell from those pics my millies start to look good at about 7 weeks the older they get the better they look leanne :)

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