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Hi everyone,


Am moving the girls to the new garden on Sunday, along with their eglu go and run.


I plan to dismantle the run and put that in our van, but should I keep the girls in their eglu from during the night? or is it best to move them in to a cardboard box?


The journey is only 10 minutes, but they'd have to stay in their whilst we take the run down and put it back together, Any suggestions?



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I'd probably keep them in the Eglu overnight, and just transfer them to a box for the journey - if you put them in a box overnight, firstly it would have to be somewhere predator-proof and secondly the box could be a bit soggy by the time you want to move it ... you know what I mean.


They'll be fine in the box for anything up to a couple of hours provided they have enough air - that should give you enough time to get the new run set up.

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