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I'm getting some Lavender Orpingtons!

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I'm finally doing it. After a year of having chickens - I am getting more hens :D


The farm where I bought my girls last year (Newland Poultry) have some stunning Lander Orpingtons for sale, and my family and I are off next week to buy 3 new girls. I am buying one for mum, as she adores the breed! I am so excited - though a bit nervous. My current flock still have their own pecking issues which I have tried to fix for months and months, but they're all laying well and are happy and healthy otherwise.


The WIR is going to be split in two, and I will be using the Omlet Go for the Orpingtons. Don't know if I will have them all as one flock in a few months, or keep both groups separate, but I will see how things go with my current flock because the pecking can get bad on the bottom two (my Columbine has a bald patch around her back (by her tail) and the Sussex has a bald patch on her front and partly on her bottom which the Columbine is guilty for). I've tried a million different sprays, iodine etc but I'm now going to be spraying them at least every other day with a new spray I bought recently. There is no way they are bored with what they've got in the huge WIR with various feeders! :roll: Maybe the distraction of having new neighbours will help sort them out??


Any way - I'm pretty excited about getting these pure breeds, I just hope they behave much more than my current girls, otherwise I will have even more years taken off my life in a short space of time :lol: I mentioned a while ago I wanted some millefleur pekins, but the closest breeder was quite far away and I would be worried about ever having to introduce small hens to larger fowl - so I decided on the Lavender Orpington :)


I shall post photos!! I think the new chickens will be about 9 weeks old too :D



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How lovely! I've wanted Orpingtons since day one and after struggling to find any up here I finally hatched some out. I've now got three 3 week old chicks: 2 lavender and a laced. I'm just hoping they're girls!


Looking forward to seeing pics :D

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Thank you, everyone! I can't wait! :D


Buying the partitions for the WIR either today or tomorrow and we're off to the farm on Wednesday :dance:


Andrea - Lucky you for hatching some chicks, I bet they are each sooo sweet! I would love to hatch some chickens one day :) Fingers crossed they are little ladies!!



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