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My new Lavender Orpingtons!

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Whoop, they're here - and they are soooo gorgeous! :dance:


We picked up three lovely girls from Newland Poultry today, at 9 weeks old. They are settling in very well - although the older flock have been making such a racket at their new neighbours! :lol: Everyone is in love with them - they are such pretty chickens. I bought a hen for mum, and she's name her girl Floss. We haven't named our two yet, although I like the name Mog - but am very undecided (I am sure it'll come to us! :))


Here are some photos:










We also saw Serama cockerels today and they sound adorable! They were almost an impulse buy, but I am glad I stuck to the Orpingtons this time as I think they would have driven my neighbours bonkers with their 'chirp-like' crow :D


Am so in love with our new ladies and looking forward to watching them grow into proper little hens :D



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Thank you so much, everyone! :D


Mimi - You're right actually, they won't be little hens at all - they'll definitely be Orpingtons - so will be large and fluffy! :) They are just so sweet at the moment, and I can't help but call them little at the moment compared to the older hens. Meg is a really lovely name but the unnamed girl looks different somehow...hmmm...it took me a few days to decide on a name for our Columbine so I won't take long to announce her name :D


good_egg - If I did hatch chickens, they'd be no stopping me!! The whole garden would become a chicken paradise :lol: Will post some more photos soon :D I think you should go and visit somewhere with Orpingtons, I think you'd love them!


Gertie - They are so friendly, which is really nice for me and my family as my older girls are very scatty and it takes a lot to get them to eat out of your hand. This was down to them being so ill last year, and they associate being handled with medication and nothing nice really! Have been trying to convince them otherwise for months but to no avail. These Orpingtons were eating out of my hand quite happily today though which made me smile :D They go crazy if one is picked up and they're separated though, but this is only been day one, so going well! I would highly recommend them, they're just so so sweet!!


luvachicken - Hehe thank you - had to take a photo of the knickers :D Fluffier the better!!



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Thank you for your comments! :D


Well, OH has decided on a name (I named Mog, so it seemed fair for him to have the final say!) and he decided on Audrey, as he's a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and he thinks the chicken looks very pretty and posh, so the name fitted well :D


Love the Bridget Jones name too - thanks for the thought, Shabby Chic, that would have been a great idea for a name!! :)


They've been dust bathing all day in the shade - and look adorable!! And they've been trying to get the other girls' treats...I think I have another cheeky group on my hands :lol:


I haven't even looked into what eggs they will lay! :roll: Er... :oops:



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My Orp girls Dolly and Kitty are pretty good on the egg front although they seem to take a little longer much to the others irritation.


They're very pretty ladies. The lavender one I bought at the beginning of my chook keeping turned out to be a boy (named Sunday) and he was scrumptious to look at ran like forrest gump. My mum loved him to bits and was convinced he could live in her garden, he had a lovely deep crow. (He found a new home.)

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Ahhh thanks, all! :D They are loved by everyone, they are just so so sweet!! I took a video on the first day and finally uploaded it if anyone's interested:



Shabby Chic - will keep that in mind if anyone's looking out to name a Poland - that's the perfect name :)


Valkyrie - the lady at Newland Poultry had some older girls and they looked absolutely fantastic running around in their groups, all fluffy and bobbing up and down. I could watch them all day, such funny characters. I can tell my girls are going to be spoilt already though :roll: They are chirping all day at the moment so I can understand the 'whining' already :doh: haha - easily forgiven...


daxigirl - Ah, yes! Forrest Gump is exactly what they look like :lol:



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