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First time hatch, advice please

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Hi All,


I'm actually looking for advice for my neighbour. One of her Aylesbury ducks is sitting and she (the neighbour) has no idea what to do. She (the duck!) is in the house she shares with the drake and the other female and the house sits next to the chicken coop. Can she just leave her to it there or does she need to move her so that she is separate?


Thanks :D

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Hi she will need to move her into her own little house and pen just to be on the safe side as the drake and other girl could try and kill the babies just last week I had 2 broody sister pekins together and thought as I had run out of houses due to loads of broodys I would let them share eggs ive never done this before well it ended up with one trying to kill the babies and nearly peck one of their eyes out so had to split them leanne :)

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