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Chortle Chook

Something horrid happened

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Last night I went to put my chickens to bed and my favourite Poland, little Dotty, had a dirty looking bum. I cut her feathers back and to my horror saw these maggots. I got them off with tissue, washed her in hibi scrub and spraid savlon on her. Then I put her in a cat carrier in the bathroom where she could have some peace and quiet.


This morning, though she seemed to be pottering about not unhappily and was eating, there were more maggots. This time after washing her I put some diluted iodine on her and took her to the vet. They said that she had prolapsed and with this heat the maggots had got in there. They put her to sleep.


I feel in shock and somehow very lacking. How could I not have noticed?

What a mockery it mades of my wanting a pretty flock. Really it is the individual chicken that matters. She was so sweet, always waited for me to put her to bed, and used to sort of sing to me.


RIP 'Dotty'


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Thank you, all of mine seem to have dirty bums, that's how they came and have remained pretty much the same! i an=m going to be all over the washing tonight when i return from work. i am scared now in case i find something....i can handle anything except maggots....they are like the true incarnation of evil

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Many thanks for your kind words everyone. It does help


For anyone else concerned about this, there is a sticky here about flystrike.

Thanks Olly- that is a very good article indeed. I can see that the use of the tissue to get the maggots off was wrong. :(


The article says it is "essential that all maggots are removed, as they will eat healthy flesh as well as dead tissue" which the vet said was happening. Although by this morning she was as clean as clean, tiny maggots just kept on appearing. I thought the vet would use something like they have for fly strike in sheep which makes all the moggots come out, but she said that it would be too harsh for a hen and would poison her so kill her anyway. Also as it was a prolapse that caused it she said that there was really no hope.


I'm finding it a little hard to take joy in my other hens this evening, but I also know that life will go on.

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Oh Catherine, so sorry to hear about your hen. You can't possibly blame yourself, you are one of the best chicken mummy's I know. Sending you big hugs.

I have 3 Broodies at the moment who are very hot so will keep an eye out for anything horrid.

Hope you are starting to feel a little better.

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Oh my goodness - I am so sorry to be reading this, Shabby Chic. I can't imagine how you must be feeling but you know how much you adore your lovely chickens and how much you take care of them and you would do everything in your power to make sure they are all OK.


Huge hugs!!



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Thanks everyone you are all so kind :) I've been thinking and thinking about it (like you do I suppose). To me the puzzle was that their house is always kept very clean and if I do spot dirty bums they get a good wash quickly. I guess flies in this weather do their business very fast. They had laid their eggs not on the prolapse, nor on her vent but on a small wound just above the vent. I think perhaps she, or the other chickens had tried to peck the prolapse (which was quite small as I could pop it back in easily with my, cleaned, little finger) so creating a wound that I did not spot but that the flies did :( It is all grose. I only hope that as the maggots were very small, they had only just hatched and so did not make her suffer too much. My poor wee girly.

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