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Can I give Meloxicam for Dogs to my chickens?

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I usually have Meloxicam for Cats (0.5mg/ml) prescribed by my vet, which I give to my hens as pain relief/anti-inflammatory when needed.


A friend has given me a bottle of Meloxicam for Dogs (1.5mg/ml). Can I use this for chickens and just give a third of the dose, or is it not advised?


Seems such a waste if not, but don't want to do more harm than good to my girls.



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Thanks folks.


It is much what I expected.


Got a poorly girl at the moment with peritonitis. She has recovered from it twice before so is on Baytril and Metacam (prescribed by my vet). I'll just have to see how she goes this time. The vet said if she recovers again I should seriously think about giving her a Superlorin implant. :pray:

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Antibiotics will only help her is she has septic peritonitis as opposed to sterile peritonitis. At the end of the day, peritonitis is something they don't recover from; my hens rarely get it as they are pure breeds, but I leave them to get on with it until it starts to compromise their general well-being, then I cull them.

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Yep I was under the impression that Metacam was just the brand name for meloxicam. I have used it in the past for rabbits, making sure it was a drug that can be given to rabbits, and looking up the dosage for the rabbit, using calculations for get the correct dosage/kg.

No one on here can advise you to do it, but ultimately it's up to you and if you think it will relieve the chicken's pain.

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