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Evocative smells

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I also love the smell of creosote :D


Me too, especially when I was pregnant with YD and I was walking ED to school along a footpath that had a long freshly creosoted fence along one side. Probably not the best thing to be breathing in when expecting but hey it smelt lovely.

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A smell that reminds me of being pregnant and used to make me heave during all day sickness was Lenor blue. Smelt it again a few days ago and it brought me right back to how I felt feeling sick all the time :(


I too love the smell of the air when it has been dry for a while and then it rains. Heavenly :D


I also love the smell of fresh cut grass


bonfires in autumn


bedding and clothes air dried outside on a sunny day


the smell of a really good red or white wine :drool:

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OMG what a great thread.....


From childhood the scent of hot toasty summer skin and camomile ointment or witchhazel for sunburn


Acqua Manda and Radio Luxembourg are also linked indelibly in my brain and also Ambre Solaire and Bergasol from my teens


Ciara by Charles Revson = Rome to me


equally Obsession by Calvin Klein - California and Hawaii...


Rive Gauche = my lovely friend Alex (although she doesn't wear it these days of course)


Clinique Happy = French holidays.....


and my mother wore either Chanel No 5 for posh days or Tweed by Lentheric for everyday, whilst my Auntie used to wear Topaz by Avon which gave me a headache....


I could go on.........

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Oooooo, I did inhale deeply when I read about the creosote :lol:


Sweet peas are one of my favourite smells, along with washing powders and fabric softeners, apple wood or whatever the wood is which makes a lovely smell in autumn, cut grass, the smell after it's rained, and oh so many other things.


Sadly my Grandma used to smother herself in perfume so you could always smell her before she arrived, but she was always lovely and soft.


Johnson's baby soap and powder.............another favourite smell.


And freesias too, because when we moved into our house, that is what the previous people left as a housewarming present.

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Well after being woken up in the middle of the night with my nose in hubby's armpit I can say that was NOT evocative!

But I remember some smell on the beach from all the sun lotion but I never knew which one it was. I think it was an oil of sorts. But I loved the smell of Quickies. My mum always had some when we went on holiday and if it was hot and we were waiting for the ferry she would pass one of those little fabric circles so I could wipe my face and cool down. Fabbbby.

Another one is Old Spice that my dad used to love so much.

Don't get me started on creosote - yummmmmmm. I remember crawling round the hockey pitch with a couple of friends sniffing the newly painted lines.

And petrol. I used to love (and still do when I get a whiff of it) it when my dad filled up the tank and me with my head hanging out the window.

Uhu glue I liked - until I saw one of my classmates eating it and it put me off forever!!! Then there was a tub of glue that was put on with a spatula - not runny, but firm and white in colour. Then I found Method wood cleaner smells just like it!

I love the smell of fresh roses - but not toiletry rose scent. Honeysuckle. My grandmother used to have a honeysuckle cream perfume from Avon. Remember those days when Avon did nice scents that weren't all alcohol (which in my view is a waste if it can't be slurped), a lot of florals like lily of the valley and freesia. And the child's perfume which used to smell so nice yet so different when I managed to obtain some for my daughter. Not seen it since and I forget what it was called.

Friars Balsam. I remember the smell even now and I loathed it. And my mum used to give it to me on a teaspoon with sugar - it's a wonder I'm still alive! You aren't supposed to ingest it - having looked it up a few years ago! :shock: But at least I wasn't fed camphorated oil - but used to love it being rubbed in my back. Hmmmmmmm.

Germolene - used to love that. And there are soooo many more smells that takes me back - tar is another. Funny how a scent can trigger memories. The Quickies makes me remember my mum's white raffia bag with coloured rafia flowers!!!

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