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Wake up Crafty Swap

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Time for the Crafty section to get going again. All right it's far too hot to craft and you're going to have the kids off school for six weeks so will be far too busy on picnics and camping but we can plan. So while you are sipping pina colada on a far flung beach you can decide what to make :lol:


Snowberry you were organising the next swap, you're rubbish but forgiven and appointed the organiser for the autumn swap. Lots of time, what shall we do. Any ideas of a theme :P


Edited to list names of those taking part



purple hen




Jennifer Jane


Ms Marple

Goosey Lucy

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I'd love a swap, even in this heat!!! Hey ho, I'll have to sit tight on my crafty fingers until Autumn. :(

How about a woodland theme, being as the leaves change & orchard fruits & nuts should all be about then. Plus the choice of woodland animals are cute!

I also fancy making a slimy slug though Plum!


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Has anyone received anything bigger than that? Actually that's 12 ins so may make it hard for anyone wanting to make a cushion. Would be a big slug though!


Last year I had loads of slugs, big ones with orange skirts in the run each morning, yuk. Only one or two this year :? I will no longer mention them :lol:

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Yes please. I'm best at knitting - actually that's all I can do really. I would love an insect/Autumn or food theme mainly because of some books I bought and would like to try. I'm not sure how I would apply them to a gift although I do love knitting bags and started one in case there was a summer swap - it could easily become an Autumn swap. The books come with other gift ideas so I could try to be flexible.

I was a bit rubbish with the swap rules last time but I know what's expected this time - hopefully.

When the swap is decided I'll let you know if I can fit my limited skills in.

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