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Ms Marple

Chicken unable to walk but otherwise fine!!??

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Hi all, any comments greatly received here.

Two weeks ago tomorrow(Wed) I took one of my exbats to the Vet as she had been unable to walk or stand since the previous Friday evening. Her claws would curl up but could also be uncurled.The vet was unsure herself but seemed to agree with me that it was not Mareks as she showed no other symptoms and was quite perky and eating a little. She thought she felt some fluid in her abdomen and so gave me some Baytril and Metacam the thinking being that it would sort any infection and also reduce inflammation.

She still can't walk but can now stand for short periods. When she tries to walk she ends up going down on one wing and then gently goes to ground. She eats, but not huge amounts, but is happy to scoff porridge and layers pellets out of my hand. She preens and chatters when I stroke her plumage. I have had her separated form the rest of my girls since I first spotted her.

I am unsure as to whether to go back to the vet. She doesn't appear to be in any pain and is alert and as I said previously eating small amounts. I had thought originally that she would gradually fade away, she obviously has different ideas! I am not sure whether in time she will get stronger or not? I think she is a little stronger. Does this mean she may get enough strength to walk? It is easy for me at the moment as I am not back to school until September. I have had her for 20 months so I am guessing that this makes her about 3.5 years old?


This is quite a ramble but I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?

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Sounds like peritonitis to me. We have just got through a similar thing with Mrs Doyle. She looked ok but would sit for most of the day. The main symptom we missed was that for weeks before, she would go into the coop as if to lay, 4 or 5 times a day. She seemed fine otherwise and we just thought she was getting old but overnight she went on the critical list and spent a lot of time at the vets.



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