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Minor irritations

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Wii fit telling me 'Alison, its been three days since out last session, come back every day for best results' :evil: Actually, Mr Snotty Wii fit, I've been on the rowing machine working my doodahs off!


It's Wii fit demanding a reason for my increased weight :oops: before continuing to point out last time it was a different time of day and weight can vary by 2lbs over a day that gets me. :doh:


Oh, and a certain department at a certain energy provider, who cannot be contacted directly and think the wording of their letter (via a third party) is fine because it got them the info they wanted... Yes, granted it did, but if the wording is so effective how come I have a still have complaint open FIVE months later. Ironically, had I actually meekly complied with the letter they would not have got the info they wanted! :wall:


The list goes on... and varies in length depending on my mood.

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Neighbors who, at 1am, take their boozy conversation with their girlfriends into the garden, which is right under your bedroom window.

They are so loud & its so warm that I cannot close my windows......so I am having to lay here listening to them talk about their sex lives, to a background of rubbish mor music. I am sure I can smell 'herbal' cigs too.


I would never wish anyone ill, but I hope they all have very sore heads tomorrow when my husband starts the cement mixer to work on the patio. :twisted:

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I get that sometimes Sarah; people walking drunkenly up my road int he wee hours, and stopping to have a natter/argument on my garden wall. I usually lean out of the window and say that scintillating though the conversation is, I'd rather they take it elsewhere. :roll:


Thanks ANH, she settled down soon enough, I hope it didn't wake the neighbours; she's quite highly strung and doesn't much like banging noises.

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This weekend I'm mostly be annoyed by the sofa company advert, which seems to be on every break, telling me the sofas are covered with a '"blend of leather and science"

hmmmm :shameonu:


Sofa companies sales are EVERYWHERE! How many sofas do the general populace need, for goodness sake?


And as for the tag line 'No one does a sale life DFS' well, quite frankly I'm not surprised as they've had enough practice!


On another subject entirely...I dashed round to the village this morning in the pouring rain for the paper. I met four people I know (at least well enough to say hello etc too) and three of them said 'Morning, wet enough for you'? WHAT! :wall:

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Delivery companies :evil:


I had a package delivered on Monday which no one was in for, but the delivery company didn't leave a package slip, and the tracking details just said I was advised to collect from the post office. Well there are quite a few in Glasgow, so I had no idea which one to go to :roll: I ended up having to ring customer services (which wasn't free) to find out where my parcel was. The woman was very apologetic that a package slip wasn't left to be fair, but it wasn't her fault.


On top of that my new laptop was delivered yesterday. It was dispatched over a week ago and I didn't get any updates or an estimated delivery date until 8am yesterday morning when I got a text saying it would arrive between 9 and 1! Now I'm very lucky that I only need to be in uni 9-11am on Tuesdays :P , and I didn't want to miss my laptop being delivered and it coming back at a more inconvenient time, so I took the day off and studied at home. It arrived at gone 4:30 :wall:

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A gripe from me today: every morning I walk the dogs (with a friend and their dogs) through the park to get a newspaper, at the same time every morning (sad I know, but that's the routine in the rush to get up, fed, Rosie up, animals sorted etc) recently, the normally peaceful walk has been marred by a newcomer walking two yappy terriers which snarl and lunge at our dogs, the other morning he let one off lead and it went for poor Cyrus, who was terrified.


I asked him to put it back on the lead, which he did... but you'd think he'd have enough sense to alter his route if his dogs are like that - the rest of the park is empty, but oooohhhh nooo, he heads straight for me every morning :roll: I am having to take evasive action whilst his two horrors lunge at my dogs

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Big irritation for me last week - ROYAL MAIL PARCEL PRICES.


I had 2 identical parcels,same size, same weight, one to go to the UK, one to France.

The UK one coast £5.20, second class.

The French one coast £3.40!


So yes, it is cheaper to send stuff overseas than in your own country.


This is a seriously messed up system :twisted:

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