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staying in London?

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DD wants to go clothes shopping in possibly shoreditch market soonish, she has a quirky dress sense.. Is the London Market scene good for this, and does anyone have any ideas on accommodation please?(cheap/clean!)

We're in darkest Devon, so the train alone is like taking a mortgage!

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For quirky I would definitely head for Camden Market. The Stables. The lanes are overflowing with all sorts of crazy stuff.

Camden Market

I think Carnaby Street is just a bit samey now and not what it was.

My sister and niece did a shopping trip recently and stayed in a Youth Hostel in Earls Court. They were quite happy with the experience.

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Camden Market is good - Spitalfields might be worth a visit. Carnaby Street is just touristy really. Worth looking for some of the 'specialist' charity shops - Oxfam have one near Covent Garden I believe that does designer label stuff, or you could Google for dress exchanges, shops that specialise in second-hand clothes.


There are some Travelodges in the City but I expect they're more expensive than your average Travelodge, sorry no ideas really on that.

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