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email reminder and hello again... quick question too.

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Things have moved on since I was lst here, and not all of them good, but whatever... that's life.


I got an email saying I hadn't logged in like forever, so I thought I would, and it is timely, as I am now looking for anyone who can supply bantams in the Longford area of Ireland (or within travelling distance). It's proving more difficult tha I thought getting any.


Anyway... I hope you are all well..?

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Well... today we went and picked up:

Two black and white Pekins (because they have great feet)

Two Lavender Araucana (Because they lay fancy egges, apparently)... and

One white cross looking thingy (which, to be honest looked like it might not survive if someone didn't give it a home)


They look a little lost in the new (for them) run, but seem to be settling in without any drastic s"Ooops, word censored!"s, and I hope they find their peking order soon.

They're eating and drinking

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To b honest... it just looks like a white version of the lavender ones.

It's quite sweet to the little Pekins though.


Needless to say, their first night was spent all wrapped in a little ball, on the floor of the run. They looked at the pop-hole a couple of times, and even went up the ladder a bit, but they're not keen to actually go in. It's warm though.


Overall... I'm fairly pleased with them so far, and it's nice to have chickens back at the house. We are having a substantial rennovation of the garden right now, and they don't like the digger much.

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