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Tiny bugs inside chicken egg?!

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Hi All


I have just made a cake and when doing so went to use one of our eggs. It cant be more than a week old. When I cracked it open it looked like the egg white had kind of dried up a bit and there was a slight fury green mould around the yolk. On closer inspection I noticed some tiny little bugs inside?!


I don't think the egg was damaged in any way (no holes etc).


I am a bit worried as we have only just begun to sell our excess eggs and I don't want anyone to get one like this in their egg-box!


Has anyone experienced this before? All other eggs seem fine and we dont have any infestations in the coop (I checked) :)


Lu x

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Hi Lu


Is it possible that it could have been an old egg that the hen had hidden for a while and you found it.

I can't think of any other explanation other than it had a weak spot and let bacteria in and some insect laid eggs :?


Whenever I bought free range farm eggs and got a dodgy one I always thought they must have found this one.


Just a thought :think:

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