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Chicken keeping one eye shut

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One of my original warrens who I have had for 6 months is off colour. I had 3 warrens of indeterminate age and she is the only one left. The other 2 just went down hill and died about 2 months apart, now the 3rd one looks a bit ropy. She has been having the odd cough in the last week and I thought she might have a bit of a cold, then today when I got home she is standing hunched up and oddly won't open one of her eyes. I've managed to open her eye gently and it tools ok not obviously inflamed or anything in it. I can't see any lice or mites on her and she was wormed with flubenvet only a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what's wrong, she laid yesterday and was eating yesterday although my DD thought she looked a bit slow and was worried she might die like the other 2. I'm not sure what to do, as I don't know how old she is and perhaps she is coming to the end like the other 2 did. However not opening one of her eyes is a bit odd, any advice out there?

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I've just been out and had a good look at her and I think she is starting a moult so that might explain her being a bit off. When I looked closely at her she has bare patches on her breast and bald patches under her wings, I had been seeing a few feathers in the coop so I guess they were from her. I'm going away at the weekend and have got a new neighbour keeping an eye on the chicks, typical, I hope she picks up. Last time we were away the old neighbour went to let them out one morning and found one dead in the coop, it put her off looking after them again. Ho hum

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