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I'm feeding every blackbird in the country!!

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Any ideas on how to stop wild birds helping themselves to the hen feed?


The hens used to chase the birds off their patch, but now just seem to let them help themselves. The consequence is that the blackbirds are all but lining up for breakfast when I put the food out each morning. I've tried all sorts to scare them off - the scarecrow was sussed within an hour, and they were using the shoulders as a perch. Researching the use of plastic birds of prey indicates that they are useless too. The blackbirds in Ireland are just too darned clever.


I'm happy to look after wild birds, but not to the tune of 1kg of food a day... I've moved the hens & food to a new spot further away from the hedge & trees. Other than teaching the hens a bit of self defence, I'm not sure what would be a good deterrent. Help!

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I have just changed to the barrell spiral feeder for this reason. It is working really well, the hens took just a day to work it out and I don't see the big fat wood pigeons camped out in their pen anymore. Also, everything stays clean now as they only eat food that pings out of the spiral so no waste.

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