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Polish bantum

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I have two and I just love them to bits. Not only are they pretty as pretty with their fancy hats but they lay lots of good sized eggs and are so sweet natured. Mine are always around me, ready to be picked up and cuddled and sing along all the time. They like nothing better than to ride on my shoulder :D What colour is yours? I have a white splash and a guiness girl (white with black head). Alas I used also to have a lovely chamois girl and a gold laced one. Both now in the great chicken run in the sky. :(


By the way, if their heads should get wet in the rain, you can dry them by gently squeezing their feathers in a paper kitchen towel. It is important in the winter not to let their head gear freeze.

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I've got a quad. :) Gold laced pair, plus a silver laced and a black. They are very cute and although they have their own run, they free-range pretty much all day with the big girls. I'd say the black girl rules the whole roost and fended off about 8 LF yesterday to hog a banana.


Mine very rarely go to bed on their own, instead roosting on top of their extended eglu run, so I have to put them to bed every night! :lol:


They make lovely pets and even put up with being kissed by my Newfies!

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Yes mine did a whistling sing song too when they were little. They made the sweetest youngsters. I also had the Devil's own job getting them used to going to bed. I don't think any of them did till they were at least 6 months old. :roll: Seemed to me that it was an excuse to get in extra cuddles from me :wink:

Here are some of mine:

Dee Dee on her swing in the sun



and sheltering from the rain



My white splash Poland, Dodo



My littel gold laced girl who is sadly nolonger with me, Dizzy



and my chamois Poland, Dotty. Also sadly nolonger with me



and my mad Scottish Widow frizzled Poland, Daphne who is very much around :D


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