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my lovely ladies...indulge me

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ah thanks for the great comments, I have a very understanding OH who indulges me(in exchange for footie time) as for the tyre...i thought they would be all over it but they are not bothered at all, they sit under it occasionally but not on top...naughty girls, but to be honest i use it as a seat and watch them so happy days.

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Thank you, yes they do have their own swing seat, spoilt ladies. The toy is a parrot toy, I brought that and a parrot mirror, they have a passing peck every now and then and they have a look in the mirror occasionally to have a look at their ego's... The parasol was from my patio set, I came home from work and the OH had put it in the enclosure saying the girls needed more shade. They have trees! The cube, which has the sun shade on but apparently this wasn't enough! Spoilt ex batts:)))

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