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Broody hen question!

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Hi guys,


Two of my pekins have been broody for 12 weeks (Ages i know!) and have finally stopped! I was just wondering when they would start to lay again?


Also, its so strange how as soon as two of them come off, my best layer Martha starts to sit on the next all day!



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No idea when they start to lay again but my guess would be as soon as they eat the same as the others in quantity and build them selves back up again, as they eat less when broody. I still have 2, did have 3 so no idea if she is back to lay yet?


Others with more experience will give you a better idea but I find with chooks there is no definite egg count to be expected every day, they do their own thing when they are good and ready?

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I've a first time broody naked neck that started to lay 3 weeks after the chicks hatched but I find it's about 8-10 weeks after the chicks hatch. but the one or two wannabe broodies (they want to be moms but don't want to sit on the eggs) that I've got take anything up to a couple of months to start laying again

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