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Heating advice needed please

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Hi All,


I'm driving myself mad looking at heating alternatives. I know how fab you all are and I'm hoping you'll be able to help me get some clarity!


I've got oil central heating at the moment with underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs. I moved in last October and so far I reckon my oil bill has been close to £3000! :shock: I really need to do something about reducing this so have been looking at alternatives.


Air to water pumps are out of the question as the initial outlay is way too much. So I think my options are as follows;

1. An air to air heat source with solar panels, keeping the oil heating for when it's really cold.

2. Disconnecting the underfloor heating and installing radiators, install solar panels.

3. As no. 1 but with no solar panels.

4. As no. 2 but with no solar panels.


Any opinions on these or any other options I haven't thought of would be great, I really can't keep on paying so much it's killing me! Thank you :)

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