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not sure what to do next - advice please.UPDATE

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On the week commencing 20th May we had our new bathroom installed. For the size of the bathroom it wasnt cheap - £8000. We paid £1600 deposit prior to them starting - with the balance to be paid on satisfactory completion. The fitters were with us for one and a half weeks - but one of the cabinets had a problem. The doors were warped and the shelves edges were coming away. The cabinet in question was just under £400. They ordered a new one and took the faulty one away.

When the new one arrived the carcass was fine but the doors were even more warped than the others. They left some of the fittings with us (part of the hinges) and took away the doors with the handles and other part of the hinges. They rang me to say another set had arrived and could they come and fit them.

When they came - thses too were warped - and the fitter said "I couldnt have fit them anyway because part of the hinges arent here. This was despite me ringing and speaking to the works manager and the sales manager to advise them they needed to bring them. Another week went by and they came again on the 8th August. The fitter said to me that before he left the shop he specifically asked if the handles etc were all there in the pack and was told yes. Of course when he arrived they werent.

He rang the shop whilst at our house and told them and they said they would immediately order them, and also a new shower door seal to replace the one which had split. I explained we had a lot of visitors coming the week after and needed it to be sorted before the 16th August which they assured me it would be.


Since the 8th - I have not had any phone calls from the company. On monday (19th I sent an email - saying that I was now very annoyed. I advised them that as of that date i was knocking £5 per day off what I owe them and backdating it to the date when they left and that the amount already stood at £420. I felt sure I would have a response as soon as they received it but nothing. So- on Wednesday I sent a letter together with a copy of the email in case they hadnt received it. I still have had no response - which I find extremley odd bearing in mind I owe them £6000 plus.


My dilemma is - what to do now - should i wait for them to contact me or ring them? I have visions of them swearing blind they havent received the email or letter. Sorry for the rant - but i need some advice please.



Today i have received a letter from the Bathroom people apologising for the delay!! They gave a list of dates for them to come out. I opted for tomorrow afternoon. We shall see what transpires - They assure me they have all the parts - why dont I believe them?

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You would think they would want their money wouldn't you!


Could you get the cabinet yourself? Then knock the price of the unit from their bill plus an amount for the hassle / labour to fit the new cabinet?


When we had our conservatory was built, there was a problem with their electrician - so we got our own (a friend) and knocked it off their bill. I think they were grateful we removed the headache from them, and financially we were better off so happy too. Not quite the same, but similar...

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Thanks C & T - I was thinking of trying to sort it ourselves. We have the doors now - still slightly warped according to them when they delivered them but no handles or hinges and still need a replacement door seal for the shower. I have checked the company who made the units but dont want to get them just yet in case they miraculously turn up with them. I am still going to knock off the price of the unit though if when it is finally done it is still warped. We wont know until they can be fitted onto the unit. I just cant believe that they arent falling over themselves to get it sorted when they are owed that amount of money and cant believe that they didnt see the email or the letter. It just seems really strange.

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Send a dated registered letter, stating that you have a copy that you have also sent to yourself. List all the faults etc clearly. Go onto Trading standards web. Log any telephone calls. Rather send emails with receipt request, they cannot deny receiving then.

It really gets me when ordinary people like us work hard, save up, and then get a shoddy job.

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