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Alis girls

I think our big kitten is more dog

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1 Empties bins and removes anything long and thin and leaves on floor

2 Brings in sticks

3 I planted out some leeks in pots, only to find one on kitchen floor he'd dug up

4 he runs like the cat in the O2 ad

5Carries stuck in his mouth paper, biros, anything he can get his paws on.


Doesnt bark yet but I am waiting................ :shock:

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My cat takes her toys out in the garden to play with the same as the dog does. Unfortunately I haven't been able to teach her to "tidy up" like the dog so I've taught him to bring the cat toys in as well :clap: .

Although her favourite mouse got left out when it snowed once and we had to wait 3 weeks for it to reappear :lol: .

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