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Frances Russell

New to chicken keeping - any tips?

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As I am still really new to chicken keeping, I would really love some advice from the many chicken experts out there!!!

If anybody has any tips on how to do various things, because no matter how many books you read it is always nice to have some information first hand!!! Or if you have any useful cleaning ideas on the !gogreen! I would love to hear from you!!!

Thanks!! :D:clap:

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Welcome to the wonderful world of chicken keeping . :clap: I have had my girls for 3 years and not an expert but have learnt a lot ...Good and bad :lol:

First of all you can read all the books but most won't give you personal experience which is what you will find on this forum. I do have the Haynes book of chicken keeping which is like the car manuals but I think I have opened it about 3 times.It is useful though .

Space.. It looks like you have a cube which has quite a big run but some coups have very small runs which are far too small to keep chickens happy .If they can FR that is great but if not as much space width and height that you can give them , logs to climb on is great .

Dust bathing ...they love so if they are on concrete for example then a big crate or even a tyre filled with any earth .Old compost is good.

Dried meal worms ...for when you want to lure them into the run .The £1 shops sell them usually and chickens will go into battle for them, .

My 4 naughty girls have a huge coup suitable for 8 hens and they all sleep in 2 nest boxes squashed like sardines /. .I use easibed in them which I also use in the walk in run as it keeps down any smells and is easy to dispose of .It is just poo picked every day and raked over . As the girls sleep in the nest boxes I poo pick that every day.I use Stalosan F for scattering in the run to keep the bugs out and keep it fresh. We also covered our run as otherwise it gets water logged in the winter.

Spending time with them and getting used to them and them to you .A small chair to sit on in the run for you to sit on and them to jump on .A camera to take photos.

Questions..No question is too stupid if you are worried so ask away.

Enjoy your lovely chickens and enjoy the lovely eggs .You can't buy eggs like fresh eggs .


Jackie x

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Welcome to the wonderful world of chicken keeping .


Thanks, this really helps!!! I've actually got an eglu go, but I do only have two girls! I am looking to FR them when they are little more settled! But we do have a LOT of foxes in the area! So will only let them FR when I am out in the garden, but I still feel the run is a bit cramped for them so am looking to buy an extension in the near future! Thanks again, this has been a really big help!!!

Francesx :clap::D

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