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Super glug for cube

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Hi everyone,


we've had a couple of phone calls regarding the new Super glug for the cube so I just thought I'd update. We have made a few modifications to the tool to make it easier to hang on the run and to try to make more plastic go in the hooks so that they don't leak. I know this is annoying but we actually design the glug's capacity to be filled to the bottom of the hooks because we know that this can be an issue (its a fiddly little corner for the plastic to flow into in the tool). So our supplier has put the glug on their fastest machine and are making Super glugs like crazy so that we can start working our way through the list of early cube owners who didn't get them originally. We'll be of course working from the earliest to the latest to be fair.


In some of the early brochures and the website it said that the glug could be connected to a garden hose for automatic filling. However, before production started we removed this feature because of concerns that people would not check the water in the glug regularly, quite understandably assuming that it was filling via the hose automatically. The danger with this is of course that they wouldn't be aware if the supply ran out. This could happen if, for example, someone turned the hose off, or disconnected it and forgot to reconnect it or even if it just got a kink in it. We felt that it was therefore in the chickens best interest if the water container had to be manually filled.


I'm not at Omlet HQ tomorrow (tuesday) but if anyone has any specific questions on this please don't hesitate to email me and I will answer asap. - johannes@omlet.co.uk. I hope you're finding it easier to get through on the phone now and that orders are getting to you promptly and fully. As always thanks for making the sound of a chicken gently clucking in backgardens all over the UK a reality!

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