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Wonky wing

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Hi everyone

Can you help? Hen solo came out if the cube this morning with a wonky wing, it was kind of hanging and one of the feathers looked dirty, she had a preen and seemed ok after, she has been fine all day but just went out to see them, I picked her up(completely forgetting about this morning) and as I put her down she flapped and her wing went weird again.

She is eating, full crop, eyes fine, wattle and comb fine, no loss of co-ordination so am at a loss, should I be worried? As an ex batt she has been fully vaccinated although I understand this cannot guarantee protection.

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I had an araucana who got a wonky wing. I never knew what had caused it and it didn't affect her general health or laying. The vet was at a loss also and we tried a few steroid injections which helped keep it in place for a while but it would always droop again and she didn't regain use of it. Eventually we decided that the best thing to do was amputate as she kept standing on it. She lived quite happily with just one wing and even used to still try and fly sometimes!


Hopefully it won't come to this for your hen but I'd be inclined to visit a vet if she isn't right in the next few days.

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