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Downton tonight! *May contain spoilers.

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I'm probably being very dim :oops: but I'm struggling to place Cora's new maid ... she said she's worked at Downton before and there was obviously a scandal, but I can't remember it :oops: I know she's not the maid that had a fling with one of the soldiers (when Downton was an army hospital) and ended up with a baby, so who is she? Told you I was being dim.

Great start to the series though ...

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It certainly was. Well acted by Joanne Froggatt.


I felt really sorry for her.

Nasty man, hope he gets his come uppance.


Very good acting :) I really felt for her. Though I think she's gone through enough already with Mr Bates going to prison, and it seems like the new ladies maid is planning some nasty against her and Mr Bates :(

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